Unleashing myself upon the world!


Hey, it’s M.K. Rundle here… ready to unleash myself upon the world wide web. I turn 22 in two days and found myself asking the question: why the hell haven’t I started blogging yet?? Everyone’s doing it- at least all the cool kids are!! Alas, here I am.

One week ago I was massively disappointed at the state of my life. In fact, I even had an identity crisis in the book store Chapters when I realized I don’t have a specific genre (yes, I realize how pathetic that is)!! Anyways, I had just moved in with my parents after graduating from university, had no job, and lived in a new city that I knew no one in… life was looking bleak for me. I was just being uber lame and over sensitive and feeling sorry for myself.

It was a matter of days living back with my parents that I started planning my next trip (Thailand and India) for a tentative January 2010 departure date. It’s been almost five years since living with the parental unit so… it’s been a transition. Don’t get me wrong, I have two of the best people in the world for parents, very cool, if you will. I’m just always looking for an adventure and moving in with your parents wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for grand plans after finishing school.

Anyways, in the last week I visited Baltimore for the Maryland Deathfest; met some awesome people, saw some unbelievable artists and experienced people who live passionately (by far the best part!), and got a job upon my return home. So things have turned around. Now that I have a job I can stop stressing about money and start doing what I love; writing, photography, art, and traveling.

I’ll stop rambling- but welcome to a shrine of creative souls and my fragmented musings. You can expect a lot on art, music, photography, and travel so get excited for more rants, ramblings, and musings!!


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