Passion and pursuits

These are two passionate men; passionate about their family and even more passionate about their inventions. Both my father and grandfather are remarkable individuals that started my inquiry as to why some people are passionate, and others are not. This inevitably brought me to the question: which category do I fall under?


My first love is writing. To say you love something, leads me to believe I’m on the right track to pursuing something with heart… I won’t go naming myself some pretentious individual that is oh-so-passionate, however, the question that came about did lead me to question why I write. Here it goes.

The pursuits of my writing are driven by my fervour for observation and reflection. I have a love for language and writing allows me to experiment and play with words in an expressive manner. In my work I want to express moments of the every day that evoke a reaction in readers – feelings that readers can share in and relate to or simply be stimulated by.

I should really just take a cue from my father and grandfather and grow a pair and start sharing some of this writing… or at least become passionate enough to want to get up in the bucket of a 50+ year old tractor in order to fulfill my vision.

crazy men photo taken by M.K. Rundle


4 thoughts on “Passion and pursuits

  1. Alex says:

    the bucket picture is my favourite!

  2. Terry says:

    I remember that tractor, it was my grandfather’s. I admire your father and grandfather, they are two of my favorite relatives. Love the pictures.
    All the best Maddy

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