Countdown to edgefest!!!

4 days!!!!!


Set times have been posted. What I’m excited for is Metric and Cancer Bats!!!! Two of my favourites… both of which are based out of Toronto, Ontario. 🙂 Yes, I just put a smiley beside that. A girl can be proud of where she came from and a strong supporter of artists who call TO home.

So, lets get to it…

Metric’s most recent release, Fantasies, is pretty awesome. Emily Haines’ voice is always sweet and melodic- easy to get lost in, their lyrics are solid, and as a whole, the album is pretty dreamy… not in an “oh Uncle Jesse is so dreamy” kind of way (Full House reference- I’m not into any of my uncles), but rather a true dream-like trance kind of way (my favourite)! Anything with a bit of a whimsy to it gains major points in my books. Metric has become nothing short of a dynamic force, and for me, Fantasies illustrates that beautifully. The best part of Fantasies has to be the quiet intimate moments you find within the album. Enjoy.

Conversely, there is nothing whimsical about Cancer Bats… but it’s what I love most about them!! Call me conflicted, chaotic, inconsistent, whatever, I like what I like. Here’s why. Hail Destroyer (2008) is ferocious. This band has something special; a mix of heavily inspired Southern metal with hardcore punk. It’s unreal, really. Their songs grab you and not one song on the album seems like a filler. They keep it brutal the whole way through.

CAN’T WAIT TO SEE Metric and Cancer Bats amongst many others!! Come back for photos and reviews.


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