Knee deep for the cause

edgefest 2009
edgefest's mud pit

Cloudy. Check.

Raining. Check.

Muddy. Check. Check.

Still a raging time. CHECK.

Almost seems better when it’s pissing rain, the crowd is knee deep in mud, and the amps are covered in tarps. It’s the diehards that come out and the artists seem to really appreciate it. As Emily Haines, the lead singer of Metric put it, “well, it’s gonna take a little more than a little rain to stop Metric.”

Took the bro… his first concert EVER!!!!! Direct quote when we were leaving, “I feel, like, buzzed!” He is 12. OH MY GOD, I hope I showed him a good time and that he is feening for his next fix of live music. Totally an adovocate for addiction (to live music). I think I gave him a decent mix; hip hop, indie rock, and metal. The metal might have scared him at first but he’s definitely open to it. Regardless, the kid came away “buzzed”!! LOVE.


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