The awesome-ness of fear

This awesome woman, you might of heard of her, Eleanor Roosevelt, once said “do one thing every day that scares you.” Now, I’ve gone ahead and contemplated this quote; even asked a few people about it, and yes, even “googled it” to gage just how many people have deemed this quote important enough to share a few words or thoughts on the subject. Let’s just say enough people had something to say that I’ve decided E.R.’s quote holds some major weight.

So, Eleanor Roosevelt… very much on to something and I’m about jump on that. I really don’t care if she meant this in a figurative or metaphorical way. I don’t. I’m taking those words at face value and challenging myself.

For 100 days straight I am going to do something that scares me. Every day I will conquer a fear that I have. Now, I’m sure anyone who reads this will think a list of 100 is excessive. I’m no pussy!!! (So we’re all clear!) In fact, I’d consider myself pretty ballsy but I do believe that if we all looked hard enough, I AM SURE we could all find 100 things that scare us. Honest. Give yourself enough time with the notion and I’m sure there are 100 things in the world one could be scared of. Don’t be a hero and try to tell me otherwise!!

I obviously don’t have a list of 100 things to do yet and hope to God that a few days I’m just conveniently faced with a fear of mine, because that would take a lot of pressure off me. Regardless, I’m going to come up with a fear of mine every day for 100 days.

“The Challenge” will commence Tuesday, September 1st, 2009. This could be a) totally disastrous b) ludicrous and hilarious c) a total waste of time or d) completely and utterly profound. HA! Only time will tell (horrible cliché: duly noted).

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10 thoughts on “The awesome-ness of fear

  1. sandy says:

    Good luck with your top 100. Hope you are amazed with yourself way b4 December, day 100.
    Lululemon also uses this in their manifesto!
    ER must have been one hellava lady eh?

  2. laine says:

    i am looking forward to this. RATS! RATS! EVERYWHERE!

  3. M.K. Rundle says:

    BAH! Rats! Perhaps will be my day #1 challenge! I’m shitting my pants just thinking about it. Start big. If I can hold I rat, I can literally do anything.

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