Day two – shocked at my fear

Last night I camped at Shubie (I don’t like the name either) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! Anyhow, our site was right next to the beach and to be honest I had to go quite a few days without being able to have a shower or any type of act where I got a chance to clean myself up so I wasn’t about to pass this water business up. You really do appreciate being clean even after just a few days of living in a car. SO! I went down by myself and I’ve recently found out how much I love swimming so I was looking forward to it. Before a few weeks ago I was uberlame and just dangled my toes in the water. Moving right along… the water was cold, as most lakes are so it takes some time to get in but I was slowly getting ready (still at a point where I could touch) but when I went under I got super nervous… just like yesterday, the heart started thumping and I my mind started going crazy with ideas of sea urchins and what have you because I couldn’t see the bottom of the lake and I realized I was swimming alone. Who knew I was afraid of a) swimming alone and b) swimming where I can’t see the bottom!

Short and sweet… signing off of Paperchase’s Internet cafe facility. xo m.k.r.

sea urchins

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One thought on “Day two – shocked at my fear

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