I’ve become a giant scaredy cat on day three

Well I told you I’d look up what that terrible little rodent is really all about from day one’s challenge… first, it’s a degu, not a dagu (my bad!), also hails from Chile, not Africa or wherever I claimed it came from. Really that’s Andrew, the pet shop manager’s fault for feeding me false information!! It is also known as the Brush-Tailed Rat. Makes me sick just thinking about it. So it’s for the best I didn’t have anymore information than, “this is a degu, wanna hold it?” because I wouldn’t have held it knowing it has any relation to the rat family.

Today marks day three of my 100 day challenge and I’ve honestly had a hard time narrowing down what exactly I will share as my fear of the day… I’ve been scared approximately 5 times today and had to face every one of those fears. UGH it’s been world’s longest day and it’s not over yet! I’m off on a vampire inspired photo shoot in a graveyard this evening. If that doesn’t scare you, I’d like to personally meet you and congratulate you on being an outright lying SOB šŸ™‚

I will share the photos just as soon as I can… and I promise I will discuss some of these other scary happenings of the day at a later date. For now I need to swallow them and reflect!


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