Day six – apparently I’m afraid of dirty animals!!

First off – day five: I RODE A MOTORCYCLE!! I jumped on that thing with purpose, well tried but dude told me he has a few “rules” before I get on. Fine. Fine. LET ME GET ON THAT THING! Scary? Umm at times. Thrilling? Sorta. Will I do it again? Hell yes!

Day six – Believe it or not today I watched a cat* (see below) hunt and destroy a mouse. I mean the cat slaughtered this mini mouse just enough to leave it hanging on for dear life and suffer the pain while Charlie, the cat threw the thing up in the air like we were at the circus!!! This mouse was hardly bigger than an eraser- poor thing didn’t have a chance!!! Above and beyond watching the execution of this mouse today I also faced a swarm of pigeons (thank you Tasha for letting me know they’re called pigeons and not doves because these dirty birds do not deserve the status of being called doves!) A Toronto man thought it would be a good idea to feed them in the middle of the road because he “wants to have wings someday”… Me too. Nonetheless brids flying everywhere with the potential to shit all over me scares me.

*I do not even like cats and I’m sure at this point we all know how I feel about rodents

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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