Camera course

Day ten (Thursday September 10th) Scared to… actually learn from a knowledgeable source?! My fears are becoming embarrassing!

Signed myself up for a photography course last week and had day one today. Oooookay guys, here’s me getting pretty freaking real… I don’t like being told what to do and I’m not great with it. Another thing – I don’t like reading instructions (firmly believe the world could be divided in two types of people; those who read instructions and those who do not). ANYWAYS, I signed myself up for a photography course, because until now I am a self-taught-fumbling-idiot. Happily, but still just a fumbling idiot that appreciates beautiful sites and might have a bit of a knack for capturing those sites. I’ve been asked to photograph a wedding which I do not take lightly. Although I don’t like being told what to do and I don’t read instructions, I do take my work very seriously and I will do a splendid job with these photos. Mark my words. Knock on wood. They will be gorgeous!

It’s so funny that wave you get before you walk into a new class – first day of school feelings come back. Was just a wave and I try to hold on when the wave comes or at least remember it because I’m interested to see if I still feel this way about doing new things by the end of this challenge. The course was fabulous. Very happy I went. Even though I was so out of it today I do believe I retained some vital information. If not, I have notes!

My apologies if this post is a blur or lacking logic/sense/intelligence… as I said, quite out of it today. Hit my head last week, soooo I hope there’s no internal bleeding or anything serious that is causing this “out of it-ness” 🙂

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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