This is a complete cop out

I’ve succumb to multiple days in one post. I’m sorry.

Unfortunately I’ve been busy living life and haven’t been able to sit my butt down long enough to keep up to date on fears I’ve recently been facing… so let’s get to it and catch up immediately!

Day 19 (Saturday September 19th) Scared to rock climb SANS harness in unknown lands (Sudbury, Ontario?@! VERY far “North”/VERY Canadian)

This turned out to be hilarious for the following reasons 1) no one killed themselves 2) we came close 3) we tried speaking French and only French the entire adventure. I thought this would make for a relatively quiet time but turns out French expressions are much better than English… “Tabarnak” (Quebec profanity), “Merde” (French for shit), “Et Voilà” (there you go!) are just a few of the top ten expressions used.

Please use caution while climbing mountains… I do realize we’re lucky we didn’t hurt ourselves. BUT if you’re looking for great rock face, I would highly recommend Sudbury, Ontario. *Pictures to come.

Day 18 (Friday September 18th) Scared of BIG HAIRY MEN.

I didn’t even know this about myself… I guess in retrospect I would’ve guessed this. I think the picture speaks for itself.


Day 17 (Thursday September 17th) Sharing my life with people I actually know and losing anonymity…

Enough said.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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