National singles week

Day Twenty-two (Tuesday September 22nd) Being single isn’t scary. Being tied down is what scares me.

Good God I’m a stellar procrastinator. It’s been another three days since I’ve posted on here and I’m falling behind. It seems like a slippery slope this blogging business.

So, turns out it’s been “National Singles Week” all week long! Where the hell have I been?! I feel it necessary to put that in quotation marks as I’m still not wholly sure of my feelings on it and to be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly sure what it all means. Hopefully we can work it out here and untangle the monstrosity society sees single-dom as…

Why is it, and I’m about to make a massively uncalled for generalization but will continue, that it’s such a scary thought to be single? I realize not everyone believes single-dom to be scary. I, for one do not think this is a scary notion, but here we are sitting around this idea of “National Singles Week”. Is it really necessary to dedicate an entire week to us singles?! I don’t believe there’s a whole fucking week dedicated to couples!? Please do correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m next to positive there isn’t one. Moving along.

So I stumble across this blog that says in true spirit of singles week, and I quote, “Tell me: what’s the best part of not having a significant other?” HAHAHA! First off, kills me that the question begins with… “TELL ME” – if I’m sounding like that at any point on this blog, just kill me. I realize we’re not friends and you don’t need to tell me shit! When I share the link for this blog the tone you’ll get is one of bubble-gum-pop meets Sex and the City wannabe. All very cutesy. Makes me want to throw up at times.

Well, the response was an overwhelming agreement amongst women that the best part of being single is not having to shave (varied between legs and other body parts). Umm, where do I begin?! IF this is the incentive for being single, no wonder being single is such a scary thought!! Also, if you want a relationship, and wonder why you’re not in one, please look to your legs!!! Excuse me, but holy shit! This is what women are attributing as the best part of not having a significant other?! This causes me serious stress and keeps me up at night.

Ladies and gentlemen, there have to be more fabulous assets to being single than simply not having to shave!! I’m going to be the one to say there are and so I will elaborate.
1)      Much less bullshit in your life. Is it just me or does it seem like most people in relationships might just be in them to have someone to fight with?! Some like the drama.
2)      Much more freedom to do as you please without having to consult your other half. On that note, you’re a whole person and don’t have to refer to someone as your other half… or worse your “better half”.
3)      The hilarity that comes with first dates. Not into them? Please do try… they can provide stories for days!
4)      And finally, an actual sense of self. You actually might have time and energy to expend on yourself and be happy on your own before you try and grasp onto some sort of happiness that comes from someone else.

Although it may seem like I’m a relationship hating monster, I really don’t believe there to be any harm in relationships. They can be quite nice… my problem lies in the considerable and overpowering belief that being single is a misfortune rather than a choice. How many times have you been asked if you’re seeing anyone and should you answer no, their immediate response is, “how are you single?” or if not that, you can guarantee you’re looking into the sorry-for-your-luck-eyes. No one wants that. No one needs that. It’s a god damn choice for many… for some it is not.

Moral: do we really need a “National Singles Week”?? I’m going to go ahead and say I think the world would and could go on without it.

*The blog that I speak of is 

Oh yeah- I dealt with some beauty fears day twenty (story to come), joined a new beach volleyball team called Russ & His Band of Gypsies?!?! on day twenty-one and went to a chiropractor for the first time ever on day twenty-three. What’s come of it all? I’ll just about do anything and everything at this point and I haven’t killed myself yet so I’ll continue to do stuff that scares me. Still looking for something profound to comes of it all! Annnnd when I say profound I am open to whatever may come… I’ll continue doing this because it’s felt good and I’m continously opening myself up. xo MKR

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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5 thoughts on “National singles week

  1. Alex says:

    “being single is not an alternative life style” Erica Strange

  2. M.K. Rundle says:

    Being Erica Strange might be my new favourite show!! She’s brilliant!

  3. Braden says:

    They say first dates are interviews with drinks.

    Being single AND unemployed I think I’ve confused one with the other. Interviews being dates with drinks while dates have been me passing out resumes inquiring about product distribution.

    • M.K. Rundle says:

      Oh dear. I hope this post provided some much needed help. You musn’t confuse the two or else you’re doomed to live in the parent’s basement forever! K, maybe not forever but we must sort you out Braden!!

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