Ever changing fears

Before I began this crazy challenge of mine I came up with a list of fears. On this list was eating dinner at a restaurant all by my lonesome. Here we are at day 43 and I feel like a fraud…

I went into the restaurant because I was hungry, not because I was on some quest to fulfill today’s requirement of doing something that scares me. It hit me once I sat down that I was eating all alone. ‘Is this a good thing?’ I asked myself as I realized I didn’t even think twice about eating alone; a feat that I was sure would scare me before this challenge was instigated.

Of course I got the odd glance, well, a lot of creepy men staring at me (there really is something about going anywhere on your own as a 22 year old female). So, while noticing some of the creepy stares I suppose there was a moment of uneasiness, but it passed so quickly I really can’t even reflect on it. Best part of the entire meal was that it offered me some much needed alone time and after my meal it offered me some time to finish reading my book over a cup of chai late.

Found out I wasn’t quite eating alone. On the way out my waiter sparked up a conversation about Mitch Albom, the author of the book I was reading. A little taken off guard at first, I realized that you’re never quite as lonely as you might think. He shared the meal with me from a distance and was perceptive enough to pick up on the author I was reading and shared what he knows of Albom. His kindness was appreciated (especially because he waited until after I paid to mention the book I was reading… as a server you become weary of other servers’ “niceties” and kindness after the bill can almost guarantee that it’s genuine).

Another “fear” chalked up to time well spent and time enjoyed! Bon Appétit!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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