Windows of opportunity



Day 44 seems like the perfect day to pause. For 44 days straight, I have consistently been looking for an opportunity to face fears of mine. Nearly at the half way point, I seem to be running dry and am desperate to hear what scares you, what makes you cringe, what makes you anxious, what you’d rather avoid at all costs!

One thing this challenge has done is bring me out of my shell… For instance, today I walked by an idling car at the entrance of the local mall. Now although I love the earth dearly, even call myself green[1] I would never dream of calling someone out on their idling car[2]. Well there it was again, my moment of fear. I looked around to see whose car this was because let’s be real, who the fuck leaves their car alone these days while it’s running?! I spot the culprits – two old hags smoking out front of the mall.

“Is that your car?” I said just loud enough that the women took notice.

Looking a bit startled, they did take notice and after looking back from me to themselves a few times they put it together that my looking at them and saying something, did in fact mean I was addressing them.

‘Ya,’ one yells back at me with a puff of smoke.

I pretty much want to throw up all over them right now, much like they’re doing to the earth by leaving their car running while they smoke their cigarettes.

“You should probably turn your car off.”

Right about now I really am shitting my pants thinking good god, why did I open my mouth?! The women look at one another, I’m sure thinking, is this bitch serious?

‘Whadda mean I should turn off my car?” the one says as she throws her cigarette down and gets up off her bench.

Well at this point I’m actually trying not to laugh as it looks like she’s about to ‘get up in ma’ face’ but I managed to pull it together to respond.

“Well, your car really doesn’t need to be on while you’re sitting there,” I said with a smirk and a glance towards the car and then back to them.

Well, bitch lady who threw down the cigarette and I was sure wanted to throw down with me nearly smoked me on the way by to turn off her car. I don’t give a what, I mean lady turned off her car. Did something that scares me today? CHECK!

Would’ve been hilarious if this lady really did want to throw it down over some little girl telling her to turn her car off while she smokes. This entry probably would’ve been a lot cooler if she did! Clearly I’m coming out of my shell, one confrontation at a time.

So, I’m putting it to you: What scares you? What is it that puts you outside your comfort zone, stirs something inside you that screams don’t do it, when really it might be a window of opportunity for you to face a fear?!? Give it to me – no judgments, just a simple burst of gratitude will come your way.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you! 

[1] Sorry that I’m not doing better David Suzuki… but today was my attempt.

[2] I do call my family out.

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One thought on “Windows of opportunity

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