Wedding Photography

Day 47: Wedding Photography for Karen & Dave

Saturday October 17th 2009

THIS WAS STRESSFUL! It was my first wedding doing photography all on my own and the results are lovely, however I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous before. It was my best friend’s mother’s wedding so stakes were high. I never want to let anyone down, especially family friends so this was a big deal for me!! A tequila shot probably would’ve done me some good (to calm my nerves) but I kept it professional and didn’t have a drink until dinner (keep in mind I was both photographer and guest that day so a drink with dinner was completely respectable).

Here’s a sneak peek…

Karen & Dave

Having someone depend solely on me for wedding photos just about made me throw up I was so nervous. Don’t worry K & D, I didn’t throw up, I didn’t drink any tequila, and the photos are lookin’ good!! Congrats! Now go start living happily ever after, wouldja?!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Photography

  1. laine says:

    thanks mads. that looks great so far. you were a life saver at the wedding ! love ya! x

    • M.K. Rundle says:

      Glad you approve! Is it too heavenly or just heavenly enough?? Oh to be back in our luxury hotel… so luxury that TV STARS stay there and then eat brekkie with us :O LOVE YAAAA!

  2. Terri says:

    Great to meet you at the wedding Maddi. The pics are looking great!

  3. […] day! Not mine. Not facing that fear during this 100 day challenge of mine! It was my first gig as a wedding photographer. I was all on my own and the memories of the day were left in my […]

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