Paranormal Activity

Day 71: Another scary movie.

Well, I’m not getting any better with scary movies. I’m a child when it comes to horror films, but I love them. At least I don’t scream. Hate screamers.

Oren Peli’s film, Paranormal Activity takes documentary form when a young couple decides to film their lives in an attempt to capture the paranormal activity that haunts them during the night. The film follows Micah, a day trader, and Katie, an English student who claims to have been haunted since the age of 8, as a demon presence manifests itself. Micah is skeptical and provides comic relief throughout, while Katie provides the scares with her creepy weirdo chick vibe. She does provide a bit of comic relief along the way with her excessive use of the ‘f’ word, mainly directed at Micah for not taking the haunting seriously.

Paranormal Activity’s success lies in its suspense. Dependent on the viewer’s imagination to run rampant, this film gives you little to work with but proves the less you see, the more intense the horror. Each night the camera is set up in the same position where we’re left with little movement and a simple time counter in the bottom right corner. Your eyes dart between the time counter and the bedroom door as you wait, to see what happens when you go to sleep.

This film is unpretentious and shocking in how well it works in an age of media madness and shock value entertainment. Perhaps the fear comes from the unknown and unfamiliar. Without music to direct our emotions or reactions we’re left on our own, in uncharted territory for most.

As previously mentioned, I’m a child when it comes to horror films but once I rose above the terrifying bit, the whole thing was quite freeing. I love the demon idea; it’s exciting and unfamiliar. The dark unknown aspect of life is a an experience that stirs questions and unease within all of us. Darkness provokes fear and for whatever reason allows for the unknown to surface. Paranormal Activity offers a scare for the blase cyber generation who are bored with Hollywood.

Lessons I learned from Paranormal Activity: You LEAVE a bitch if she’s dealing with demons!

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