Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie

Scared to think outside the box…

Not Mr. David Hall, no sir.

Warning: Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie is not for the faint of heart or anyone offended by shit, piss, and/or cult… but then again, if you’re easily offended you’re probably a huge loser and looking to be cooler, so you might just want to stick around. Just saying.

Disgorge Mexico: The Movie is David Hall’s newest feature film, inspired by Ottawa-based grinders Fuck The Facts’ latest album, Disgorge Mexico (Relapse Records). Both written and directed by Hall, the film traces the strange and volatile nature of one woman’s journey in love, set to the soundtrack of Fuck The Facts’ Disgorge, Mexico. Like nothing I’ve seen before, this is a shot in the dark and take what you may from it.

Lesbians, piss, shit, gore, cult, guns, and blood. Not your bag? I didn’t think it was mine either but I can appreciate it. This is not mainstream. Hall, unafraid to think outside the box has created this otherworldly experience from familiar everyday elements. It’s beautiful in a discombobulated way. He seamlessly sews together layer upon layer of images that creates this textured landscape of chaos, and it works.

The film echoes Fuck The Facts’ “bastardized grindcore” sound in an unruly and chaotic way. Jarring images follow the band’s lead, grabs you by the skull and thrashes your brain until you no longer recognize right from wrong. It’s a beautiful thing.

The hilarious and sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) inappropriate tweeter Hall is, once tweeted, “At the end of the movie, if the audience doesn’t hate me and themselves, and question their faith and truths… I ain’t done my job right.” Believe me, this film will shake you and will likely leave you questioning everything.

Hall has created art that summons active viewers rather than accepting the typical passive indolent mongers that expect spoon feedings. His vehement use of distortion and juxtaposed images are relentless and is what creates this active audience that we should all be so thankful for.

It’s disturbing and lovely and completely confusing in a thought provoking way. Catch the world premiere screening at Maryland Deathfest 2010.

Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie follows Hall’s first feature film, Axis Of Eden: The Movie, which was based upon Today Is The Day’s 2007 album, Axis Of Eden. Currently, Hall and his production company, Handshake Inc. are knee deep in films that will continue to break barriers and send you home crying to your mother. Keep your eyes peeled for a feature film with Jucifer, as well as music videos for Sigh, Daughters, and Hail Of Bullets, and feature doc, Maryland Deathfest The Movie.

Catch David Hall in The University of Western Ontario’s Edupunk panel discussion via internet November 16th … I hope UWO knows what they’ve signed themselves up for.

View the official trailer for Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie HERE

See an exclusive excerpt from Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie HERE @ Metal Injection

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3 thoughts on “Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie

  1. Daniela says:

    Just saw your link to the Edupunk discussion that is part of a project my class is doing!!!

  2. David Hall says:

    haha…thanks for the kind words, great review Maddi! You won’t be able to review MDF the Movie since you helped make it!

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