Ten Ten Ten

My blasted internet hasn’t been working for me to get this up. What a way to end this whole thing! As I’ve said time and time again, c’est la vie, and it will go on. On that note let’s get down to the last ten days.

Yikes. How have 100 days come and gone? Of course it ends up like all things; on the one hand it seems like yesterday this adventure began and on the other hand, feels like a lifetime ago. The last 10 days. It’s all so final. Leading up to the end, I kept asking myself, what to do? I was in search of an intense 10 things as I believe you should always end on a strong note!

Top ten most common fears amongst us all are as follows… (*This list is drawn from quite a few resources and when I say quite a few I mean maybe 3. Tops.) Here they are:

  1. Fear of flying.
  2. Fear of public speaking.
  3. Fear of heights.
  4. Fear of the dark.
  5. Fear of intimacy.
  6. Fear of death.
  7. Fear of failure.
  8. Fear of rejection.
  9. Fear of spiders.
  10. Fear of commitment.

No doubt, this is a great list, but I thought some of the more abstract fears such as intimacy, death and commitment would be a little difficult to tackle in just 10 days. I did try my best to meet a few of the top ten most common fears.

Here’s how my list of 100 fears faced rounded off.
At # 10. Fear of rats
# 9. Fear of speaking out
# 8. Fear of death
# 7. Fear of needles
# 6. Fear of heights
# 5. Fear of embarrassment
# 4. Fear of embarrassment/cooking. (This might seem ridiculous but until you’ve seen me in a kitchen I think it’s hard to understand what a big deal this is for me)
# 3. Fear of spiders
# 2. Fear of ugliness
And at # 1. Fear of singing in public.

Pictures and back story to come! …As soon as I stop acting like Zoolander and figure out how to retrieve the message that my router box tells me I have. On my list of things to do: become more tech savvy. Perhaps my next challenge, “Today I learned html.” Sounds riveting.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Ten Ten

  1. Fear of flying is, to me at least, fascinating. I’ve worked with fear of flying clients since 1980 as both a therapist and as an airline captain. Over the years, I’ve learned it is caused in a very different way that it appeared to be, and the way to fix it effectively is also different than what people think works. I have a video that explains some of this at http://www.fearofflying.com which is based on all these years of experience, study, and research.

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