Step Outta That Box You’re Livin’ In!

The reason I seem to fall off the face of this blogging life every so often is the simple fact that I seem hell bent on keeping updates on my 100 day fear challenge in chronological order. The funny part is I might be one of the least methodical people when it comes to life, so why on earth am I so strict when it comes to this blog? Today I’m taking the plunge and going out of order! This is a big moment for me folks.

Really was silly of me, and I apologize for not stepping out of that restricting box, one might call limiting, earlier. Day #99 I cut off all my hair for Angel Hair for Kids. Kevin was my new, but trusted hair stylist. He was fabulous; kind, patient, tons of fun, and cute as can be. I loved him and couldn’t be happier with the outcome! He even got an “eeee” out of me when he showed me the final product. If you’re looking for a stylist, you best be visiting Rainbow Expressions on Speers Road in Oakville, ON and ask for Kevin. If you can’t get Kevin, not to worry, you will be in capable hands with any of their stylists.

This was daunting for me. And when I say daunting I mean embarrassing because I was an emotional wreck (wouldn’t say overly but definitely fragile). I thought I might be above the whole vanity thing, and honestly, leading up to the appointment I really did believe that psychologically, I had it beat. Well, turns out I wasn’t at all above it. It was mortifying. At my consultation I was just about in tears as Kevin talked to me about the process. I don’t know what it is about us girls and our hair; it really is our security blanket. It’s crazy that in our society long hair equals beauty, femininity, and sex appeal… Hate it all! (Yet unfortunately, some way, some how I am not above it in any way). Well my fellow women , there is hope and here it is – once you take that leap and chop ‘er off, that’s it!! It’s freeing! It’s fun! It’s so much less work!!

I’ve gone through some of my highest highs and lowest lows with this fear and that worries me. What does that say about me if I was so scared to cut off all my hair?! Am I vain? Am I this awful person that can’t let go of my ego for the better good? What does it mean?!?!?! Obvioulsy this couldn’t come at a better time, as I had told people for quite a while that I was growing my hair out to cut it for cancer, it was a fear of mine and my cousin had just been through chemo. I couldn’t be more pleased that I’ve cut my hair for such a worthy cause. Although I loved my hair, I love the fact that a child might be able to face a painful time in their life with a bit more confidence.

#99 Cut off my hair… CHECK!

goodbye long locks

hello new do

Although it’s just a haircut, it does wonders for a new perspective. So much so that I’m blogging out of order!!! Step outta that box you’re livin’ in and try something new, something daring, something that makes your soul feel good.

It’s so easy to surprise yourself. Find our what you’re really capapble of – quit playing it safe, instead step out of your comfort zone, just for a moment, and find out what you’re really made of.

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2 thoughts on “Step Outta That Box You’re Livin’ In!

  1. laine says:

    Love love love the pictures. Who took them?

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