Best Christmas Present Ever!

Today is a huge day!! My fighter for a cousin, Matt is finally going home after a long haul at the hospital. Although it’s a tough road ahead we should all be inspired by Matt’s strength and sheer grit to overcome the unimaginable. He’s got fight in him and he’s showing that Aplastic who’s boss!!

To me, Matt is fearless. The list of fears that I have faced seems trivial when compared to the courage, power, and poise Matt has shown time and time again while handling this unfair and infuriating blood disorder that he has suffered from for more than five years. He is amazing and an inspiration for us all.

Matt was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia; a life-threatening blood disorder in which your body no longer produces enough new blood cells, so you are fatigued and are at higher risk of infection and uncontrolled bleeding. Immediate hospitalization is necessary for treatment. Treatments include blood transfusions, medications and in severe cases, bone marrow transplantation. Matt has been transfusion dependent for some time now, has been medicated and has now had his bone marrow transplant.

Although Matt’s life has been turned upside down, he’s still going strong, and fighting hard. He is a rarity and a constant reminder of how precious life is and how much it’s worth fighting for. His courage stirs me and continues to amaze me.

Our family is forever in debt to Matt’s bone marrow donor. Matt, you’re one badass dude that I couldn’t be more proud to call family. I love you and thank you a million times over for being such an inspiration to fearlessly set forth in life.

Best Christmas present ever! Enjoy being home Matt 🙂

Find out how you can donate blood –HERE– & become a part of One Match –HERE

You can read a letter Matt wrote to his local newspaper last year –HERE

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2 thoughts on “Best Christmas Present Ever!

  1. Leigh Clark says:

    Glad to hear Matt is home and doing well.

    Happy Holidays,

    Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Staff
    Leigh, John, Sandra, Paul, Benita, Desiree, and Martha

  2. lori kobelak says:

    Answered prayers? Medical miracle? Unparalleled determination? May the joys of Christmas continue into 2010 for you and your family, M.K. Rundle.

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