Perfectly flawed

Dance more. It’ll make your soul feel good.

Nothing is perfect. No matter how much you prepare, or how much you plan, life seems to happen amidst all that planning and might even leave you scrambling.

We’re just along for the ride. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Savour it.

Every time I come to write, I freeze. I want perfection when it comes to my writing. I want to get it just right. Most times, this means the page remains blank. Turns out something is most often better than nothing at all. Maybe not? I really just haven’t come around to believing it. Even after all the fears I’ve faced (and I have come a ways), it’s silly that here I am, still scared of this blog, scared to share my thoughts, scared to write it all down. I want life to be messy. I want life to be filled with abandonment. I want to boldly step forward. I’ll get there, if just with baby steps.

I think life would be a lot better if I were willing to live a more messy existence. By no means do I have it all figured out, but I definitely restrict myself in ways and although I don’t follow a lot of plans, I sure do plan a lot. Since my challenge of facing 100 fears I’ve become much more engaged with life. I haven’t fallen so hard that I swear I’ll never try something new again. In fact, the exact opposite has happened; I’ve been shocked and amazed at what a world awaits you if you’re willing to step out, to step up, and to set forth, and challenge yourself to get out of that comfort zone we’ve all been living in for so long.

Live large, live messy! Be your own superhero.

Happy New Year!
xo mkr
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2 thoughts on “Perfectly flawed

  1. #1 fan says:

    why didn’t I get emailed this?!

  2. JillyBeen says:

    More self aware than I was at 22, sweetie! I’m reminded of a line by Mary Steenbergen at the end of the movie “Parenthood” where she likens life to a roller coaster ride. Her husband keeps idealizing stability & routine, and she shakes her head and says “Life’s messy. I like messy”. If you’re able to figure that out already – even before babies and stretch marks – you’re way ahead of the game! Good on you!!

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