Living big and seeking out adventures

Still facing fears my friends… haven’t quite let that dream go yet!

Here are just a few as of late:

Driving in Barbados, on the opposite side of the road and manual at that! *Side note: I don’t drive manual. Truth is, I hardly drive at all! I’m more a P-transit kinda girl so having my Bajan friend trust me enough to drive his precious truck was pretty special and for different reasons than my home land of Canada. Let me explain. Here, my friends would likely be fearful of me grinding their gears (literally not metaphorically) and messing up their car. In Barbados, with rickety old winding roads that are hardly big enough for two cars and often have cliffs at either side, fearing for you life is most certainly the more likely fear. I wasn’t allowed to go off-roading or try any donuts… perhaps that’s lesson two!?! Thank you J for letting me drive your truck – was most definitely a highlight!!

Surfing. Water. Undertow. Failure. Here comes that awful fear of failure again. I had some amazing friends who were very patient with me as I kept at the surfing bit. Getting pummeled by waves is by no means my biggest fear, but it’s definitely not my idea of a good time. Regardless, sometimes it happens and that’s okay because to get up and out there feels pretty freaking awesome.

Double black diamonds and speed. As a child there is this sort of fearlessness. Maybe it’s just dumb kids and that they don’t know any better… a naïvety that serves them well, but I’m trying my best to get back to that point of fearlessness and I think I scratched the surface while in Tremblant. We stepped it up and went hard that weekend. I had some fabulous friends alongside me as we sought out the steepest hills to gain the speed to which you think, Lordy, this is gonna hurt if I catch an edge! There’s nothing quite like being in the mountains, flying through powder and rushing by the trees while the sun and wind kiss your cheeks. What can I say, I’ve got the need for speed and there’s really no cure but to feed it! *I’m in search of a speedway if anyone has some suggestions for me.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in comforts and safety zones and suppress certain fears, or thrills, or emotions, but we can’t get too caught up in our own comforts – we’ll never learn anything about ourselves that way, and that is becoming crystal clear to me as I continue to search out new endeavors and thrilling adventures!

Here’s to living big! What’s your next big adventure??

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