28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 4

I am grateful for complicated things. If everything were easy and we just got it – we’d all be enlightened and what fun would that be?

The last stretch of 2010 taught me one of my most valuable lessons – letting go is tough but necessary! I’m complicated, and not in the “oh, woe is me” kind of way, but instead the literal I’m-a-walking-contradiction kind of way (it’s called Gemini) with a weird mix of holding onto everything familiar while simultaneously wanting to conquer the world, and experience the new on a nonstop adventure. I want it all mapped out but want to live a spontaneous life! You think this is tough to follow along, try being in my head. Seriously.

I’ve been blessed with a couple punches to the stomach called life lessons that have taught me that there is no such thing as planning your future or trying to control people and/or situations. Sure, I could madly go through life trying to have it all figured out and be upset with complications that don’t coincide with every intention I’ve set OR I can continue through life unattached to where life leads me and know that I will end up exactly where I’m meant to be. I could go on beating myself up for being complicated OR I can embrace my complicated self (for never having a dull moment) and the complicated things in life (for keeping us on our toes). Oh, and know that they are this way for a reason.

I will let the complicated things be. I am thankful for complications because they teach us all humbling lessons that are worthy of our consideration. If we can’t accept it – change it. If we can’t change it – leave it! Find solace that these so-called complicated things might not be so complicated if we’re simply willing to leave it alone.

When things get complicated… smile. When things get complicated… know that it’s just getting good! I’m grateful for the complicated things in life.

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