28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 13

I am grateful for family time.

This is one thing I can honestly say I am not always the most grateful for… family time. It’s tough to always love these people that love you so much and only want the best for you no matter how much their truths hurt. See, that’s the thing about family… Boundaries – non existent. Censors – forget it. Surface exchanges – very rare. They’re blood, so they’re around whether you like it or not and sometimes family exercise this measure!

Every family dynamic is different, not a single one the same, but I have to admit, I have it pretty freaking good. My family is unbelievable and they always have my back 110% – in fact, all of us have one another’s back and that’s an amazing thing. We work together through thick and thin and come hell or high water, whatever project needs doing, whatever bill needs to be paid, whatever crisis needs handling, it always gets done… together.

I’m thankful for the unexpected family times and family times that are booked months in advanced. I’m thankful for all our moments together – even if we’re cranky. So long as it’s truthful, I’m loving being there. It might not always be there in the same capacity as this very moment, so enjoy each moment.

Love you guys, so thanks for being you.

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