28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 14

I am grateful for hopeless romantics.

Please allow me to explain. I feel like I’m forcing each finger to tap down on my keyboard as I write this post, but I shall go on! Today, is -gasp- Valentine’s Day. I honestly thought that I would be able to go through the entire day without even acknowledging this God forsaken day of “love”. More that whole Hallmark gluttonous holiday type stuff than anything – God, it’s horrifying!

Anyways, because the world makes it fucking impossible to ignore this day and I received far too many “Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful” texts before I even got out of bed this morning (mostly because I’m nursing a broken heart and I know my friends are worried what with me already hating today and then this beauty for a topper, they should send some extra love), I went ahead and a) deleted those texts and b) decided that I would do my own version of February 14th! *I’m very sorry that I did not return anyone’s love texts… I’m not going as far as sending Valentine texts BUT I did show the world some love today.

Feeling all shitty today that the man I gave my heart to thought it’d be better smashed in a million pieces, and about to burst out crying when stopped at a red light (I know, it’s not pretty!!!), I realized feeling shitty for yourself doesn’t help anything! I know enough to know that doing some good and showing some love always makes you feel better. I went to treat myself to some Tim Horton’s and thought I’d pay for the person behind me in the drive through (OF COURSE buddy was buying for his whole fucking work force). I’m kidding… it was actually better that way. Random acts of kindness are awesome. BAM! Instant high for showing the world some unexpected love.

That’s the kind of love I’m looking for – unexpected love that just happens. Love that is simple. Although I’m this weird amalgamation of seemingly everything and nothing (I’m sorry if I ever have a child under the sign of the Gemini… it’s not easy!!), even in this case, I’m an optimistic pessimist that finds a bit of joy in those hopeless romantics. I’m not one, far from, but I do catch myself in fleeting moments wondering what it must be like up in the head of one of those – dreaming of rose petals and happily ever afters. Might be nice for a second or two.

Happy Day of Showing the Universe Some Unexpected Love. Do it everyday though – it’s so much better!!

p.s. Started my day with the intent to ignore this holiday all together, to this… #epicfail

Love you all! ♥

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