28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 20

I am grateful for quiet.

Ironically, I sit here trying to gather my thoughts as my ears are graced with the sound of my kid neighbour’s drumming. Happy Family Day to everyone! Buddy got a drum set for Christmas, and to be fair, there has been an improvement. My dream is that he soon comes to know the sweet sounds of jazz, because the solid 4 beat drumming that I’m sure sounds better with a band, is sort of becoming irritating.

Regardless, I came here to talk about stillness – not the little boy who lives behind me and his drumming career. After working 12 hours and wrapping my day up with a less than stellar staff meeting, I jumped on the bus to come home. It was cold. I was tired. The bus driver didn’t stop at my stop… The list goes on, and believe me, I was worn out without a smile in sight.

Hood up, I was trudging through the snow nearly home when all of a sudden I stopped. I looked around and noticed the stillness. I took my hood down so I could really hear the quiet. It was beautiful. I was alone and the only sound that kept me company was a quiet buzz of the street light in the distance.

I’m grateful that even when exhausted, I could stop and smile, stop and enjoy my surroundings, stop and find peace in the coldness.

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