28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 28


Do you wake up and feel/show/speak your gratitude? It’s time to start acknowledging how grateful we are; to breathe, to walk, to speak, to smile, to be able to simultaneously walk, talk, breathe, AND smile!! Gratitude for even my breath is important to me. Gratitude from my breath, to my friends, to my family, all the way to a single blade of grass – these moments, these objects, this life; it’s all a gift!

Not only will I continue a gratitude journal, but will continue on the journey of fearlessness and gratefulness because this is what fulfills me. I will show up to the present moment of life. I will come from a place of kindness + love to be able to meet fearlessness + gratefulness on a regular basis. I will speak and move from my heart. I will acknowledge and appreciate the awesome gift we are given each and everyday.

I’m grateful for this chance and this breath. ♥c.


2 thoughts on “28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 28

  1. sandy says:

    grateful to read your musings again. welcome back…

  2. Laine says:

    welcome back mkrundle. i have missed your messages – you are my inspiration!

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