This blog originated as a place for my fragmented musings; art, photography, writing, and travel were my main ambitions for this site. Shortly there after, I began a challenge entitled, “100 days, 100 fears”. A simple feat it was not, but completely and utterly worth every step of the way. To take control of your fears, your emotions, and your experiences is a powerful thing! Every experience builds from the last and primes you for the next. Savour those moments.

fragmented musings quickly turned into this space of chaotic beauty, where I could share these crazy situations I sought out in hopes of conquering fears. I share the good with the bad. There are cringe-worthy times, moments of hilarity and awful embarrassment, but also some stories that hopefully affect you, and maybe even inspire you.

I’m still waiting for some profound enlightenment… Not to worry though, I’m not holding my breath.

Live large, live messy! Be your own superhero.
xo mkr


Comment or contact me any time. Share your thoughts.

Twitter: @mkrundle



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Alex says:

    keep on snapping pics lady! you’ll be raking in the big $$$ soon (from people in my office!)

  2. umlaut says:

    Great Landmine Marathon pics and review on Hellbound.

    Cheers from S.F.

  3. sandy says:

    Hoping for some more Musings …. miss it !

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