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Killing people isn’t cool, but guns sure are

Day 60: ‘fraid o’ guns!

oh. boy.

Day 60 offered me the chance to shoot some guns as I ventured off to Gormley, ON. Target Sports Center is a shooting range that allows us unlicensed wannabe shooters to get all badass and shoot a 9mm (among others)!! Got down there no problem – just thought it was cool that I was going to shoot guns. Upon entrance the wooziness of my nerves set in. Well, no big issue there because nerves pass and I went there to shoot some guns so I told those nerves they better darn well pass, or else!!!

lock up your women and children

Be prepared to run your own show. My new buddy Dave (shooting officer/gunman/the man) told us we could pick whatever gun we wanted…I’ve never even played a video game let alone touched a gun so I wondered how I was supposed to pick one but ended up going with the Glock 17; a semi-automatic pistol like a police officer might use.

guns guns guns

After about a 30 second run through with Dave the gun expert, I was left to shoot my first gun. I stood there, alone in the lane, with one eye shut looking down the barrel to my target. I shut both eyes and BAM! Probably not the best idea to shut both eyes, but who’s to know what to expect when shooting a gun for the first time ever?! Also, be prepared for kickback! I got a bull’s-eye in my first 5 shots, to which Dave, the gunman/my new BFF said, “Don’t want to cross you, you little sniper, you!” I never thought I’d appreciate being called a sniper, but I did. After this first gun I was absolutely buzzed. The adrenaline kicked in, had full blown Parkinson’s hands, and a smile that screamed, holy shit, I just shot a gun!

Next we tried a Smith and Wesson Revolver, whatever that is?! Looked like something straight from an old western film and sounded like nothing short of a great idea to me. The bullets were so cute and little, but turns out that was the best part. The revolver seemed a little bit wimpy to me after shooting the Glock 17, so we upgraded to an M-14 riffle. I now have bruises on my shoulder.

bull's eye

As if that wasn’t enough we ended our expedition off with a Remington 12 gauge shotgun. This bad boy is a “pump-action shotgun” (that my friends, is a direct quote from my good friend Wiki). So this “pump-action shotgun” was a powerful mother effer. I shot twice and that was plenty. One bullet is the equivalent to 9 of those cute little things I told you about for the Smith and Wesson Revolver. Who knew shooting guns would take such a toll on your body?

ready. aim.

Bruises aside, this was some balls-out fun with guns and I’d do it again in a second! Yes, I’m from a small town but I have come to learn shooting guns is no red neck country bumpkin’s activity. This is hardcore in a nasty kind of way. xo mkr


About Target Sports Center:

For $40 and the price of ammunition you too can say you’ve shot real mother effin’ badass guns.

They say no appointments are necessary but planning ahead never hurts. They almost turned me and my friend away because by chance that day a business group had booked a shit ton of lanes… Thank goodness for my sweet smile and power of persuasion or else we would’ve been out a quarter tank of gas and all the way out in Stouffville (middle of nowhere) for nothing!

After the completion of a $400,000 renovation, this place is worthy of being on MTV Cribs… even as a gun range! The facilities are very clean, the staff are all super friendly, and the guns, well, they’re awesome.

Thank you to my friend Matt who came along with me for the adventure and who helped take photos!

*Please note – If anything, shooting a gun will demonstrate just how powerful these things really are. I solemly swear never to make fun of a movie where people shoot guns and hit nothing. It’s harder than it looks!! Guns also kill so use with caution 🙂 xo mkr


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The Buzzz on Bees

Day 55: Off to a bee farm

There they are, in all their glory!!

Anyone who offers me a glass of wine as soon as I walk through their front door earns a special spot in my heart! Don and Fran have earned such a place. I went to visit their bee farm last weekend and I guess they realized a glass of wine would do nothing but help as I faced my fear of bees. Bees rank pretty high on my list of fears, for the following reasons…

The first day of grade one I was feeling good, playing tag and just loving life in general as any happy healthy six-year-old would. Anyways, that changed the moment I ran through a wasp nest. I was wearing overalls that day. I haven’t looked at a pair of overalls since. There was screaming, there was blood, there were tears, and there was a whole lot of calamine lotion being dabbed on a little six-year-old who stood in the nurse’s office wearing nothing but her knickers. If you don’t think that is a scarring incident, you’re weird!

Fast forward 15 years without any major incidents worth mentioning about bees, and BAM, I’m stung by a bee on a first date. That date was cut short, my hand was swollen for days and there wasn’t a second date! I hate bees.

So, yes bees are now a fear of mine. When I arrived I was scared, but on the verge of being excited so I knew it couldn’t be that bad. Here’s the first thing worth sorting out – the difference between bees and wasps. I came in being afraid of these insects with stingers in general. Fran pointed out that bees are quite nice and she explained the difference between bees and wasps to me. Turns out bees are cute little things, with adorable furry yellow jackets that really have no interest in stinging you. Bees will only sting if they are handled in a rough manner or feel their nest is being threatened. If they sting a mammal or a bird, they will die, so for them, to sting someone or something isn’t exactly at the top of their ‘to do’ list. Wasps on the other hand are evil aggressors who are out to get you! You’ve been warned!!

Wasps have a smooth stinger, easy to insert in and out of the victim. Bees have a barbed outer sheath, like a fish-hook that can tear their insides out and also makes it torture on the victim to remove.

After a glass of red wine, some beautiful shots, and a whole lot of new found information about bees our adventure came to a close and I can now check bees off my list of fears. Wasps are still there because we should all be very afraid of those aggressive slender bastards with tiny waists! Love bees, hate wasps.

Men losing their wings. Seriously.

Here they are. Can you tell how close I am?! I was very explicit in letting them know I am a friend and not in any way shape or form a threat! They understood and I didn’t get stung.

All wrapped up for winter. CANADA is cold.

This is it!! This is where the magic happens!! They’re all wrapped up because winter is coming and they need to keep their nests at 80 degrees Farenheit.

My dad and The Bee Man himself

Don explains the life of bees to my dad (Don on right, Dad on left).

Please look extra hard! Kickin' the males out. Brutal attack. Lazy men.

Please look carefully at this one. It’s cool! When winter comes, the workers (women) kick the men out of their nest because the men are lazy and do nothing but eat their honey and the women have NO NEED for that so they kick them out, fight them, chew off their wings and leave them for dead! Yikes. They mean business!

More bees I suppose.

This is cool too. Those buggers with orange/red stuff on their sides are the bees responsible for bringing pollen back to the nest for protein. Their back legs are flattened to carry the pollen. You can see the two that are carrying pollen.

All facts are from the bee keepers themselves… soooo I hold zero responsibility for the aforementioned.

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