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Life is overwhelming

Hi Team!

Day 52 and I can’t lie… this challenge has become quite difficult. Life, ya know. It gets in the way! I can honestly say that I made it 49 days without missing a single day of doing something the scares me and then WHAMO, the big half way point comes and I effed the dog hard. NOTHING. I’ll make up for the missed day 50 for sure, but let me tell ya, this ain’t as easy as I thought it would be!

I’ll more than make up for missing day 50. I mean I’m off to the gun range next week and I’m visiting a bee farm on Sunday! Life is overwhelming. Plain and simple.

Things to do this weekend:

– De-clutter my life to de-clutter my brain!
– Catch up on all the jobs that have had to take the backseat to a little thing I call life.
– Change my room around, it’s making me depressed and no one wants to be depressed!

Still on my quest for excitement… just falling a little behind. xo mkr

Sidenote: Don’t you love Halloween?? It gives everyone an entire month to let their evil shine through. Allows the neighbours to be all dark without having to worry about being judged! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!

halloween is awesome!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Day seven – this “scary” biz is working – throwing caution to the wind!

In throwing caution to the wind you can really surprise yourself!!

WELL, today I signed up for a 10km ghost run or something ridiculous. HA! Yes, I would find the only run that is offered at night and has a Halloween theme to it!! Why wouldn’t you want to run in costume with a light attached to your forehead?! Okay, I’m not actually going in costume (as of now at least) but I’ll definitely be sporting that head gear. No shame. This 10km run is in preparation for the half marathon my friend Laine and I will be running shortly after.

So I hit the pavement this evening, first time in quite a while because I’ve been a lazy slob with every excuse possible for the past little while! Inspiration for this run is actually in thanks to my mum who left a leaflet on my bed about a 10km run being offered this morning- a hint?! Who knows, love her dearly and although too late to sign up for that one, I went and found another. Thanks mom! I do love running but to run a “race” is pretty fucking scary so of course I got my butt out there tonight. To be scared of working out is complete crap when I think about it… nothing but benefits and the funny thing is one of my fears is definitely becoming an overweight slob so I better kick this fear of working out in the ass in order to not allow that other fear of mine to come true!! You see, everything comes full circle.

Lordy, I’m growing to love this challenge. Jumping into a lot of things that are wicked fun and that test me. Pretty exciting not knowing what the next day holds but knowing I’ll be doing something that scares me!! I believe some serious reflection will be in order soon times. Quit being so quiet out there and share some of your fears with me!!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Faced some fiery eyes and got a laugh

Tuesday marks the first of 100 days in which I will do something that scares me every day. I have a working list, and to be honest, who knows what will happen within those 100 days and who knows if the list will even come into play. I have a lot of people I owe thanks to for sharing some of their fears and helping me compile this list. So thank you and I hope you continue to share over the next while as I openly detail what could be an atrocity, lewd, or completely profound.

I haven’t even started and I’m amped for Tuesday to arrive because even leading up to September 1st I’ve been a much more open person (searching for things that scare me) and much more self aware, in always evaluating situations and considering whether or not I’ve been granted an opportunity to face a fear that I would’ve regularly passed by. Seems these things that scare us have common themes; failure, embarrassment, new endeavours, or dangerous acts. This is by no means the ultimate and final list, simply some categories I have been able to use to group my fears.

Stick around because I’m sure with time transparency will come in sharing my 100 acts that scare me – this in itself is terrifying to me, so be patient and kind! Your stories and personal tid-bits are always welcome so share some fears or just use this as grounds for encouragement to do something that scares you. This does not need to be profound by any means!!

To use me and my sister as an example; on our way home from the cottage we thought some bulls would make for a nice photo. Requirements of this “picturesque shot”: jump a barbwire fence, tredge through a sludge infested field and face those crazy ass 900 pound four legged creatures. They didn’t like this and believe me when I say cartoons are spot on when they draw bulls with red eyes. Those beasts they call bulls all stood up with fiery eyes and my nervous laughter ensued. I don’t know enough about these things to know if bulls run fast or not! Putting yourself in a dangerous situation for the sake of a photo… turned out being funny, no profound lesson learned, but being scared is fun and I think the photo turned out quite nicely.


*Lesson learned: sludge infused photo shoots require better foot attire.

See The awesome-ness of fear for what this challenge is all about.

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A taste of what’s to come: things that scare me

In no specific order… you may or may not believe me after you read the first on my list

-naked grandparents
-fire walking
-becoming a horse person (not actually becoming half horse, simply becoming a lover of horses… always weirded me out when girls would write “I love horsies” on thier school binders)
-abandoned barns
-child birth (thank God I can’t do that in my 100 day time constraint… impossible to make a baby in that time!!)

Always looking for what scares you!! Please feel free to share.

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Man up

Admittedly, I don’t often read horoscopes. Just not my bag. And now here I am about to post my horoscope for the day… look at me opening my horizons left, right, and center!! I don’t think it was an accident that I read the horoscopes in the Globe and Mail today…

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21):

You have allowed your fears to get the better of you and now you cannot bring yourself to make a decision about a money matter of some kind. Forget about how much (or how little) there is in your bank account. Just do what feels right.

Day one is fast approaching… where I will be for day one? Who knows?! Who cares! I’m off on an adventure and to face some fears.

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Rules are dumb but have their place


One week until the challenge commences. I guess I can check day one off because I’m scared to death about this shit idea I came up with for the following reasons: rats, being completely transparent, actually completing something I start, and above all perhaps finding something out about myself that would’ve been more comfortable left in the deep dark depths of a place I call denial.

Thought quite a bit about attaching rules or at the very least some stipulations to this 100 day event, but thought rules and stipulations are lame and will only put limitations on something that is supposed to be encouraging the exact opposite. So, in short, rules suck and have no place here.

I decided yesterday I am going on a road trip. Conveniently my running buddy said he would like to do the same. So we leave Sunday. Good way to start this challenge I think.

Destination: unknown. Length: undecided (will most likely depend on how my travel partner and I get along… or don’t). Purpose: to make bad decisions and meet some cool folk along the way. Oh, and do stuff that scares me every day as well.

We’ve compiled a bit of a list and some rules. I know I said I wasn’t going to make any rules for my 100 day challenge, but for a road trip, we thought it necessary to incorporate a few rules.

  1. no being a pussy
  2. no asking of directions or use of a GPS
  3. no phones
  4. no more than 6 hrs of sleep a night
  5. no “I’m too tired” bs
  6. no farting in the car

Suggestions welcome!

Good God I hope this Eleanor Roosevelt chick is onto something when she says to do one thing every day that scares you. Nonetheless I’m interested to see how it turns out…

What are you scared of??

See The awesome-ness of fear for what this challenge is all about…

Check out Road-Trip Rules — How to Avoid a Terrible Travel Experience !

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The awesome-ness of fear

This awesome woman, you might of heard of her, Eleanor Roosevelt, once said “do one thing every day that scares you.” Now, I’ve gone ahead and contemplated this quote; even asked a few people about it, and yes, even “googled it” to gage just how many people have deemed this quote important enough to share a few words or thoughts on the subject. Let’s just say enough people had something to say that I’ve decided E.R.’s quote holds some major weight.

So, Eleanor Roosevelt… very much on to something and I’m about jump on that. I really don’t care if she meant this in a figurative or metaphorical way. I don’t. I’m taking those words at face value and challenging myself.

For 100 days straight I am going to do something that scares me. Every day I will conquer a fear that I have. Now, I’m sure anyone who reads this will think a list of 100 is excessive. I’m no pussy!!! (So we’re all clear!) In fact, I’d consider myself pretty ballsy but I do believe that if we all looked hard enough, I AM SURE we could all find 100 things that scare us. Honest. Give yourself enough time with the notion and I’m sure there are 100 things in the world one could be scared of. Don’t be a hero and try to tell me otherwise!!

I obviously don’t have a list of 100 things to do yet and hope to God that a few days I’m just conveniently faced with a fear of mine, because that would take a lot of pressure off me. Regardless, I’m going to come up with a fear of mine every day for 100 days.

“The Challenge” will commence Tuesday, September 1st, 2009. This could be a) totally disastrous b) ludicrous and hilarious c) a total waste of time or d) completely and utterly profound. HA! Only time will tell (horrible cliché: duly noted).

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