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Best Pick Up Lines

Since returning home, I have yet to receive a cat call… I’m beginning to wonder what’s wrong with this country!

Here is my collection of some awesome/hilarious pick up lines that got used on us in Barbados.

Please enjoy, but guys – USE WITH DISCRETION!

*Also, if you could read them aloud in a Bajan accent, that’d be amazing!
Happy Hunting!!

“You from Goodlin girl?”
‘What? No.’
“Well, you’re lookin’ good!”
– Buddy from the street hitting on my sister

“I see you all wrapped up. I’d like to unwrap that. I’d unwrap you like a present.”
-“Friendly” guy on the beach calling to my cousin who wrapped herself in a towel after a dip in the sea

“You want some company?”
‘You’re working!’
“I’ll work on you.”
-Construction men wanting to come down to the beach with us

“Hi Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s calling you!”
-Taxi drivers saying ‘hello’ to my sister, cousin and I

“You make these Daddy?”
“You done good work, man.”
-Some guys talking to my Grandfather about his granddaughters

“I’ve been admiring you from afar. I’ve already named you. Call you Roxy the Surfer.”
-Secret admirer/Creep show on the beach …guess he didn’t want a real introduction (my name’s not Roxy)

“I see you Billabong! You be the Billa, I be the bong!”
-Paul That Knows It All likes a girl in a Billabong t-shirt (gots to get me some more of those!)

What’s your best pick up line?

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Just be honest

Day Twelve (Saturday September 12th ) Scary thought: being honest.

An interesting concept… the media has created fake love. Uhh, well yes, yes they have! The trouble is, now we’re trying to find this fake love and that my friend is a fantasy with trouble written all over it.

So in continuing with the idea that girls go for jerks out of self preservation, I will go on to say that the majority of us, whether you’re aware of it or not are quite contrived in our ways when dating someone new. Honestly, there’s just this idea that date one you are allowed to share x, y, and z and on date two, such and such… but I’m going to go ahead and say this is bullshit. And so I did and so I’ve been completely honest.

Why waste anyone’s time being meek and mild and well, to put it bluntly, why are we being so god-damn polite when dating new people? If I want to make an Asian joke, what’s the difference between making it when someone first meets me to waiting until down the road and then having buddy be offended?? I’ll tell you, there is no point and you’re wasting everyone’s time by being polite and dishonest with both yourself and buddy you’re out with.

That fake love you may or may not be reaching for doesn’t exist, so just be honest. It’s for the best.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Why girls like jerks

Day Eleven (Friday September 11th) Scared to date the nice guy…

We’re afraid of rejection.

Okay, that was harsh. Everyone; men and women are afraid of rejection. Perhaps there are a select few who claim they’re not, but they’re probably even more insecure than the average Joe and simply overcompensating (and most likely walking around with a popped collar). Now, here’s what I’ve noticed about this idea of rejection and how it makes sense that nice girls often date *assholes and why nice guys often date *bitches. It all comes down to rejection.

In dating a complete jerk, we’re actually protecting ourselves. Although I’d say most people date in hopes of something “more” – whatever that means, there is obviously always the chance that it doesn’t work out or simply fizzles. If we’re lucky, a breakup might happen on mutual terms (even “mutual terms” is questionable). Anyways, the chance of a collapsed courtship is pretty likely, especially when young so in dating a jerk you are protecting yourself. Say this jerk decides you’re not what they’re looking for; well at that point it’s easy to take that rejection because “they’re such an asshole.” You see – easy to get over and easy to take when they’re a jerk whereas if you were dating a nice person, that’s a serious blow if they don’t want to be with you and there’s no default response to make it okay as we discussed with dating jerks.

Dating the nice guy is seriously putting yourself out there. It’s scary. I firmly believe this is why I date assholes. It’s not scary, shocking, or even surprising when the asshole lets ya down or pulls some douchebag move… because they’re assholes!! Perhaps it comes down to the fear of being hurt. Scared to date the nice guy because I might actually get hurt.

*Technical terminology.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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