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Life is overwhelming

Hi Team!

Day 52 and I can’t lie… this challenge has become quite difficult. Life, ya know. It gets in the way! I can honestly say that I made it 49 days without missing a single day of doing something the scares me and then WHAMO, the big half way point comes and I effed the dog hard. NOTHING. I’ll make up for the missed day 50 for sure, but let me tell ya, this ain’t as easy as I thought it would be!

I’ll more than make up for missing day 50. I mean I’m off to the gun range next week and I’m visiting a bee farm on Sunday! Life is overwhelming. Plain and simple.

Things to do this weekend:

– De-clutter my life to de-clutter my brain!
– Catch up on all the jobs that have had to take the backseat to a little thing I call life.
– Change my room around, it’s making me depressed and no one wants to be depressed!

Still on my quest for excitement… just falling a little behind. xo mkr

Sidenote: Don’t you love Halloween?? It gives everyone an entire month to let their evil shine through. Allows the neighbours to be all dark without having to worry about being judged! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!

halloween is awesome!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland


my camera phone is the shit... check that quality!

Happy Birthday Cailin! Day 48: In search of dead zombies to stir up some fear. If that fails, there’s always Drop Zone.

WHAT THE SHIT??? I missed a few haunted houses!! As soon as you enter Wonderland, you enter the darkest depths of hell… Well, not really, but they sure tried hard. Dry ice, red lights and zombies with some unreal makeup sure make you feel like you’ve just entered the gates of hell. There are 11 haunted houses this year and we managed to hit 6 of them. I really thought I did better than that.

Asylum was first on the list and they got me. My favourite part was by far the zombie who chased me and my sister out the exit to which my sister thought yelling, “Get back in your hole!!” was the right thing to do. Zombie dude yelled right back, “Get back in your hole!!” to which I then yelled, “Up Yours!!”

First off, I have never ever used that expression in my life. HONESTLY, I haven’t! Secondly, who says that??? And thirdly, why would I ever think yelling at some guy who wears a ton of make up and works at Wonderland deserves me yelling at him. Guess it was the adrenaline! At least that’s what I’m blaming it on. Highlights also included some crazy bloody chick that stood over her blood filled sink and stared into a mirror while she shook uncontrollably… CREEEEPY.

We then went to Corn Stalkers, Miner’s Revenge, Midsummer Night’s Scream, Blood Shed, and then Club Blood! Best part of Club Blood was the Thriller inspired MJ who greeted us at the door which led to a pill poppin’ techno beat blastin’ laser light RAAAAAAGE! Those are some crazy ass zombie bitches that can seriously shake an ass! The scariest part was an overweight vampire woman who wore far too little clothing for her “sexy dance”… Just saying!


– If you wanna piss your pants in fear you best be going up front in your group. Zombies only have so many places they can jump out at you to scare your group.
– Zombies smell fear. If you’re scared, you can guarantee those bastards will follow you all the way through the maze.
– Stare those dead things down. They can’t touch you so they mostly just get right up in your face and cock their heads at you as they stare. You stand your ground and stare back! Seems they don’t know what to do with that.
– Stand up tall! I think it’s a rule or something that Wonderland only hires the kids that aren’t tall enough to ride the rollercoasters… all these monsters are midgets!!! Maybe people think that’s scarier than life size people?!
– DO NOT PUNCH/KICK/FIGHT the zombies in self defence. You’ll get kicked out so fast you don’t even have a chance to scream “Up Yours!”
– When all else fails and zombie bitch won’t leave you alone, stop, put both hands in their face and yell, “You’re fucked!” It’s like the safe word or something. Works every time!

Wonderland is opened until the 1st of November. Halloween Haunt and rides are there for your enjoyment. Beware of the Behemoth; that thing ate me alive, crushed my ovaries, took my voice, and spit me out a changed person. You’ve been warned. xo mkr

some crazy large rollercoaster action!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Running in the dark: Ghost sighting in Lion’s Valley

trek or treat: running in dark scary places with ghosts

10km of bloody limbs strewn all over a ghost trail is most definitely my idea of an awesome race! 17 severed heads on course to be exact and 9 haunters to kick up your adrenaline in the last kilometre. The Saucony Trek or Treat  race is Canada’s first ever night trail run in Oakville’s 16 mile creek.

Pumpkins marked each kilometre and 379 reflective course markers were used to lead the way so head lamps were a necessity as you creep through Lion’s Valley. As history goes, Lion’s Valley was once a thriving village but all that remains are three cemeteries perched high above the valley. Ghost sightings are common and with the erosion of the river, claims have been made that empty caskets have been washed up during thunderous storms.[1] This marks the perfect spot for Canada’s first ever night trail.

It’s been decided at this point that I’m afraid of the dark[2] so to run my first ever 10km race in Lion’s Valley seemed suitable for my challenge of doing stuff that scares me. I walked into the St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre to see ghouls everywhere; literally though, people wore costumes for this race. To say this race was awesome would be a vast understatement. People got really into it, everyone was there for a good time, and it was super relaxed. Really is the perfect first timer’s race![3]

The route was fair (although it’d be nice to actually go back during the day to see what the hell I ran) but there were a few hills that I wished a ghoul would just jump out and kill me. Although I knew I was in the middle of some valley in Oakville these hills were straight from San Francisco. Believe me when I say I didn’t train for these hills with an incline of about 90 degrees!! Even the fun bloody limbs that were left throughout the trail didn’t help the pain that overcame your body on these hills. Thankfully there were only two of them.

First 10km race can be checked off the list of fears and I’m very excited for more races. Not sure how I’m feeling about Canada’s winter races. We really are crazy! Happy Running and Happy Halloween!!

finished 10km CHECK!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you! 

[1] Thank God I didn’t know any of this until after the race.

[2] Lame.

[3] No problem to beat your time on your second race as running in the dark in the freezing cold doesn’t make for the best/easiest running conditions.

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