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Why girls like jerks

Day Eleven (Friday September 11th) Scared to date the nice guy…

We’re afraid of rejection.

Okay, that was harsh. Everyone; men and women are afraid of rejection. Perhaps there are a select few who claim they’re not, but they’re probably even more insecure than the average Joe and simply overcompensating (and most likely walking around with a popped collar). Now, here’s what I’ve noticed about this idea of rejection and how it makes sense that nice girls often date *assholes and why nice guys often date *bitches. It all comes down to rejection.

In dating a complete jerk, we’re actually protecting ourselves. Although I’d say most people date in hopes of something “more” – whatever that means, there is obviously always the chance that it doesn’t work out or simply fizzles. If we’re lucky, a breakup might happen on mutual terms (even “mutual terms” is questionable). Anyways, the chance of a collapsed courtship is pretty likely, especially when young so in dating a jerk you are protecting yourself. Say this jerk decides you’re not what they’re looking for; well at that point it’s easy to take that rejection because “they’re such an asshole.” You see – easy to get over and easy to take when they’re a jerk whereas if you were dating a nice person, that’s a serious blow if they don’t want to be with you and there’s no default response to make it okay as we discussed with dating jerks.

Dating the nice guy is seriously putting yourself out there. It’s scary. I firmly believe this is why I date assholes. It’s not scary, shocking, or even surprising when the asshole lets ya down or pulls some douchebag move… because they’re assholes!! Perhaps it comes down to the fear of being hurt. Scared to date the nice guy because I might actually get hurt.

*Technical terminology.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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“Is it cool if I go for a walk?” –day three 1 am

 Just say no! ‘No, it’s not fucking cool if you go for a walk.’

These were the words I should have said to my ex-travel accompanying person. No need for terms such as travel companion, travel buddy, travel partner, or anything of the sort because to convey anything positive of the travel accompanying person chosen to do this road trip with would be an untruth, a tall tale really, fit for fairytales or something lame like that!!

Context: Hour 75 of a spontaneous road trip that had no destination nor plan with an ill chosen “travel accompanying person”. Sounds great, right?! It gets better. So this followed what was a dismal 75 hours leading up to the infamous question, “Is it cool if I go for a walk?” Little did I know these previous 75 hours were a walk in the park in comparison to the next three and a half hours… when he decides it’s a good idea to leave a 22 year old girl in a dark, empty parking lot in a city 1,900 km from home. Brilliant idea, you giant asshole!

It seems there are some moments in life where you are left no option but to do something that scares you… This occasion was forced upon me because I chose an awful individual to travel with. Pretty sure the rules of traveling together include having one another’s back. Actually, I’m positive that’s a rule. Write that down and don’t forget it.

Reasons it was not cool for this travel accompanying person to go for a “walk” (whatever that means):
-there was zero indication given in the previous 75 hours that buddy would be able to walk even a block and be able to find his way back to the car
-buddy is a poor drinker, really can’t handle his alcohol
-and oh right… because that would leave me alone in the sketchy parking lot!

Lessons learned… although spontaneity is a wonderful and powerful thing, calculated spontaneity is so much more powerful (turns out safer too)! Always consider your options and always do heavy research into your travel accompanying person. References should be mandatory! *Believe me, I’m writing a book on it!!!!

I’m so happy I wasn’t afraid to tell buddy how I really felt about his behaviour and that I wasn’t afraid of doing the only thing I thought right in the situation- get away from this knob and fly home.

Hopefully this tale serves as one of warning; leaving anyone alone in the middle of the night is selfish and appalling; truly is ghastly behaviour that considers serious self reflection.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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