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Killing people isn’t cool, but guns sure are

Day 60: ‘fraid o’ guns!

oh. boy.

Day 60 offered me the chance to shoot some guns as I ventured off to Gormley, ON. Target Sports Center is a shooting range that allows us unlicensed wannabe shooters to get all badass and shoot a 9mm (among others)!! Got down there no problem – just thought it was cool that I was going to shoot guns. Upon entrance the wooziness of my nerves set in. Well, no big issue there because nerves pass and I went there to shoot some guns so I told those nerves they better darn well pass, or else!!!

lock up your women and children

Be prepared to run your own show. My new buddy Dave (shooting officer/gunman/the man) told us we could pick whatever gun we wanted…I’ve never even played a video game let alone touched a gun so I wondered how I was supposed to pick one but ended up going with the Glock 17; a semi-automatic pistol like a police officer might use.

guns guns guns

After about a 30 second run through with Dave the gun expert, I was left to shoot my first gun. I stood there, alone in the lane, with one eye shut looking down the barrel to my target. I shut both eyes and BAM! Probably not the best idea to shut both eyes, but who’s to know what to expect when shooting a gun for the first time ever?! Also, be prepared for kickback! I got a bull’s-eye in my first 5 shots, to which Dave, the gunman/my new BFF said, “Don’t want to cross you, you little sniper, you!” I never thought I’d appreciate being called a sniper, but I did. After this first gun I was absolutely buzzed. The adrenaline kicked in, had full blown Parkinson’s hands, and a smile that screamed, holy shit, I just shot a gun!

Next we tried a Smith and Wesson Revolver, whatever that is?! Looked like something straight from an old western film and sounded like nothing short of a great idea to me. The bullets were so cute and little, but turns out that was the best part. The revolver seemed a little bit wimpy to me after shooting the Glock 17, so we upgraded to an M-14 riffle. I now have bruises on my shoulder.

bull's eye

As if that wasn’t enough we ended our expedition off with a Remington 12 gauge shotgun. This bad boy is a “pump-action shotgun” (that my friends, is a direct quote from my good friend Wiki). So this “pump-action shotgun” was a powerful mother effer. I shot twice and that was plenty. One bullet is the equivalent to 9 of those cute little things I told you about for the Smith and Wesson Revolver. Who knew shooting guns would take such a toll on your body?

ready. aim.

Bruises aside, this was some balls-out fun with guns and I’d do it again in a second! Yes, I’m from a small town but I have come to learn shooting guns is no red neck country bumpkin’s activity. This is hardcore in a nasty kind of way. xo mkr


About Target Sports Center:

For $40 and the price of ammunition you too can say you’ve shot real mother effin’ badass guns.

They say no appointments are necessary but planning ahead never hurts. They almost turned me and my friend away because by chance that day a business group had booked a shit ton of lanes… Thank goodness for my sweet smile and power of persuasion or else we would’ve been out a quarter tank of gas and all the way out in Stouffville (middle of nowhere) for nothing!

After the completion of a $400,000 renovation, this place is worthy of being on MTV Cribs… even as a gun range! The facilities are very clean, the staff are all super friendly, and the guns, well, they’re awesome.

Thank you to my friend Matt who came along with me for the adventure and who helped take photos!

*Please note – If anything, shooting a gun will demonstrate just how powerful these things really are. I solemly swear never to make fun of a movie where people shoot guns and hit nothing. It’s harder than it looks!! Guns also kill so use with caution 🙂 xo mkr


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Day one – eff you dagu (sp?!)

Firstly, this may be short and sweet and may make absolutely no sense at all as I am sitting in an internet cafe- Paperchase, in Halifax, Nova Scotia paying 13 cents a minute. Shits not free!

Day one was a success! I set out to find some rats because they are undoubtedly my number one fear. We’re talking physical reaction, want to vomit even just thinking about those futile rodents with nasty skin tails!! So Pets Unlimited in Truro?! Who knows, this road trip hasn’t been easy and I’ve lost track of the cities… anyways the petshop didnt’ have rats (what a shame!!!!) Andrew, the assistant manager, who is now a huge part of my life said no rats, but have one feeder mouse, “wanna hold that?” I will mention that I consciously went and ate dinner before facing this fear because I knew there was a chance I might throw up and no one wants to throw up on an empty stomach!! Stomach bile isn’t cool and that hurts. SO! Turns out this single feeder mouse wasn’t very friendly so he tells me about this “dagu”. Yes, I also said, “what the hell’s a dagu?” (Apparently I’m not very friendly when I’m about to face me some fears!!!!) He tells me this things hail from Africa?! Who knows and when I’m not paying for this internet business, mark my words, I will research it!

My side effects from facing this fear of vile rodents: flushed face, increased heart rate and the shakes. So, is this healthy?! Input welcome! At this rate, I believe I could stop working out for the next 99 days if this is how hard I will be making my heart work or if I can find a way to bottle this high I got, I’d be rich… just saying.

I guess I should say, yes, I held that thing. I’m not about to go out and buy one, that’s for damn sure but I held the filthy thing. For a split second, and for no more I actually thought he was sort of cute. Sort of. Anywayyyyyyyys, check mark for holding a dagu. Rats are still on the list. Good thing the shop didn’t have any because I probably would’ve pussed out and had to come here and write, “Day one – complete and utter failure.”

dirty dagu

me holding dirty dagu

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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