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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 11

Grateful for sweet albums.

Adele’s 21 is one of these albums!! Pure genius; you can listen to it from start to finish over and over and even after just the first play, it feels like you’ve known it forever. Fickle heart or spewing joy kind of heart, you will love this heartfelt and honest account of what heartbreak is filled with.

Grateful for those albums that just make you smile!

Stream 21 in its entirety here … http://www.npr.org/2011/02/06/133496838/first-listen-adele-21

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she’s ferocious. landmine marathon @ buffalo NY’s club diablo

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landmine marathon’s grace perry & her converse

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Landmine Marathon


All photos from Landmine Marathon’s performance @ Club Diablo, July 11th, 2010 in Buffalo, NY.

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Day Nine

Off to learn to be a DJ… yes, in one night! I’m ferocious like that.

I’ll be back with an update on how it goes.

Back. Sick. WILL become a DJ.

def could pull this off

could totally pull this shit off

All right- so I’ve come to the conclusion, trying anything new is a bit scary. It’s embarrassing to say a lot of the “new” things I’ve been doing might scare me, because in truth they might not scare me per se but there’s definitely that moment where your head goes “ah-ok-this-is-it-am-i-gonna-do-it-fuck-it-ya-i-am-just-gonna-do-it”… and so I do! So far, so good. Maybe not in the case of the dirty degu, but I do love me some spinning!!! Got an ear for that shit!! I was thankful to be in the presence of my good friend Corey and no other audience members… because when you try something new you don’t know how bad you’re gonna suck! Perhaps a new outlook (because nothing’s been that bad yet) is you should try something new because you don’t know how great you’ll be at it!! BAH- I’m going to be a motivational speaker/DJ by the end of this 100 days.

Now quick- go do something that scares you! You have nine days worth of catching up to do 🙂 xo mk

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