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Love Loving Life

Travel suspends reality.     Tests you. Tempts you. Teases you.

Adventures entrench you. Leave you wanting more.

Soak it up. Breathe it in. Sigh.

Snap. Back to reality.

Real life sets in.     Routines resumes.                        Was it just a dream?

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Let the strangeness in you surface

Salvador Dali

If you do one thing in the next two weeks to expand your horizons, definitely check out Surreal Things at the AGO (Chinatown in Toronto, ON). The Victoria & Albert Museum of London, UK has organized this collection and for now, the AGO is the only scheduled North American stop. This is a fantastic exhibit which details a story that has yet to be told about surrealism; really, how surrealist artists were able to work in the wider sphere of design.

Surrealism is the avant-garde art movement that explores the unconscious and dream state in attempts to change the perceptions of reality. The exhibit unravels the way surrealism quickly crossed over into the world of consumer culture and began to influence the world of design; whether it was through fashion, film, photography, or even the design of homes.

Highlights in the show include a few pieces by the amazing Salvador Dali. You can find his lobster phone sitting next to the Mae West Lips Sofa that he created in 1937. Importance being: he believed that both phones and lobsters hold quite intense erotic connotations. Do not however be swayed by the author’s intent as surrealism is deeply subjective and urges the viewer to embrace their own interpretation.

Get out and embrace a bizarre day. Let this exhibit be the inspiration you might need to let your strangeness shine through!

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