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Night run

Day Fifteen (Tuesday September 15th) Scared to run by myself in the dark.

This whole “facing your fears” bit is cool but I’m beginning to think I’m invincible or something. Maybe I was just being uber paranoid while out running in the dark, but if someone were to decide they wanted to attack me in the dark, what am I going to do? And by the way, I don’t think attackers are dumb people and to attack a runner is a good idea because they’re probably really tired. So again, there was no moment of enlightenment while running in the dark solo, instead I just ran my fastest 7km yet. Getting ready for this 10km Halloween Night Run… it’s like they knew exactly what my heart desired!!!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Day seven – this “scary” biz is working – throwing caution to the wind!

In throwing caution to the wind you can really surprise yourself!!

WELL, today I signed up for a 10km ghost run or something ridiculous. HA! Yes, I would find the only run that is offered at night and has a Halloween theme to it!! Why wouldn’t you want to run in costume with a light attached to your forehead?! Okay, I’m not actually going in costume (as of now at least) but I’ll definitely be sporting that head gear. No shame. This 10km run is in preparation for the half marathon my friend Laine and I will be running shortly after.

So I hit the pavement this evening, first time in quite a while because I’ve been a lazy slob with every excuse possible for the past little while! Inspiration for this run is actually in thanks to my mum who left a leaflet on my bed about a 10km run being offered this morning- a hint?! Who knows, love her dearly and although too late to sign up for that one, I went and found another. Thanks mom! I do love running but to run a “race” is pretty fucking scary so of course I got my butt out there tonight. To be scared of working out is complete crap when I think about it… nothing but benefits and the funny thing is one of my fears is definitely becoming an overweight slob so I better kick this fear of working out in the ass in order to not allow that other fear of mine to come true!! You see, everything comes full circle.

Lordy, I’m growing to love this challenge. Jumping into a lot of things that are wicked fun and that test me. Pretty exciting not knowing what the next day holds but knowing I’ll be doing something that scares me!! I believe some serious reflection will be in order soon times. Quit being so quiet out there and share some of your fears with me!!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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