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Ten Ten Ten

My blasted internet hasn’t been working for me to get this up. What a way to end this whole thing! As I’ve said time and time again, c’est la vie, and it will go on. On that note let’s get down to the last ten days.

Yikes. How have 100 days come and gone? Of course it ends up like all things; on the one hand it seems like yesterday this adventure began and on the other hand, feels like a lifetime ago. The last 10 days. It’s all so final. Leading up to the end, I kept asking myself, what to do? I was in search of an intense 10 things as I believe you should always end on a strong note!

Top ten most common fears amongst us all are as follows… (*This list is drawn from quite a few resources and when I say quite a few I mean maybe 3. Tops.) Here they are:

  1. Fear of flying.
  2. Fear of public speaking.
  3. Fear of heights.
  4. Fear of the dark.
  5. Fear of intimacy.
  6. Fear of death.
  7. Fear of failure.
  8. Fear of rejection.
  9. Fear of spiders.
  10. Fear of commitment.

No doubt, this is a great list, but I thought some of the more abstract fears such as intimacy, death and commitment would be a little difficult to tackle in just 10 days. I did try my best to meet a few of the top ten most common fears.

Here’s how my list of 100 fears faced rounded off.
At # 10. Fear of rats
# 9. Fear of speaking out
# 8. Fear of death
# 7. Fear of needles
# 6. Fear of heights
# 5. Fear of embarrassment
# 4. Fear of embarrassment/cooking. (This might seem ridiculous but until you’ve seen me in a kitchen I think it’s hard to understand what a big deal this is for me)
# 3. Fear of spiders
# 2. Fear of ugliness
And at # 1. Fear of singing in public.

Pictures and back story to come! …As soon as I stop acting like Zoolander and figure out how to retrieve the message that my router box tells me I have. On my list of things to do: become more tech savvy. Perhaps my next challenge, “Today I learned html.” Sounds riveting.

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Life is overwhelming

Hi Team!

Day 52 and I can’t lie… this challenge has become quite difficult. Life, ya know. It gets in the way! I can honestly say that I made it 49 days without missing a single day of doing something the scares me and then WHAMO, the big half way point comes and I effed the dog hard. NOTHING. I’ll make up for the missed day 50 for sure, but let me tell ya, this ain’t as easy as I thought it would be!

I’ll more than make up for missing day 50. I mean I’m off to the gun range next week and I’m visiting a bee farm on Sunday! Life is overwhelming. Plain and simple.

Things to do this weekend:

– De-clutter my life to de-clutter my brain!
– Catch up on all the jobs that have had to take the backseat to a little thing I call life.
– Change my room around, it’s making me depressed and no one wants to be depressed!

Still on my quest for excitement… just falling a little behind. xo mkr

Sidenote: Don’t you love Halloween?? It gives everyone an entire month to let their evil shine through. Allows the neighbours to be all dark without having to worry about being judged! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!

halloween is awesome!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland


my camera phone is the shit... check that quality!

Happy Birthday Cailin! Day 48: In search of dead zombies to stir up some fear. If that fails, there’s always Drop Zone.

WHAT THE SHIT??? I missed a few haunted houses!! As soon as you enter Wonderland, you enter the darkest depths of hell… Well, not really, but they sure tried hard. Dry ice, red lights and zombies with some unreal makeup sure make you feel like you’ve just entered the gates of hell. There are 11 haunted houses this year and we managed to hit 6 of them. I really thought I did better than that.

Asylum was first on the list and they got me. My favourite part was by far the zombie who chased me and my sister out the exit to which my sister thought yelling, “Get back in your hole!!” was the right thing to do. Zombie dude yelled right back, “Get back in your hole!!” to which I then yelled, “Up Yours!!”

First off, I have never ever used that expression in my life. HONESTLY, I haven’t! Secondly, who says that??? And thirdly, why would I ever think yelling at some guy who wears a ton of make up and works at Wonderland deserves me yelling at him. Guess it was the adrenaline! At least that’s what I’m blaming it on. Highlights also included some crazy bloody chick that stood over her blood filled sink and stared into a mirror while she shook uncontrollably… CREEEEPY.

We then went to Corn Stalkers, Miner’s Revenge, Midsummer Night’s Scream, Blood Shed, and then Club Blood! Best part of Club Blood was the Thriller inspired MJ who greeted us at the door which led to a pill poppin’ techno beat blastin’ laser light RAAAAAAGE! Those are some crazy ass zombie bitches that can seriously shake an ass! The scariest part was an overweight vampire woman who wore far too little clothing for her “sexy dance”… Just saying!


– If you wanna piss your pants in fear you best be going up front in your group. Zombies only have so many places they can jump out at you to scare your group.
– Zombies smell fear. If you’re scared, you can guarantee those bastards will follow you all the way through the maze.
– Stare those dead things down. They can’t touch you so they mostly just get right up in your face and cock their heads at you as they stare. You stand your ground and stare back! Seems they don’t know what to do with that.
– Stand up tall! I think it’s a rule or something that Wonderland only hires the kids that aren’t tall enough to ride the rollercoasters… all these monsters are midgets!!! Maybe people think that’s scarier than life size people?!
– DO NOT PUNCH/KICK/FIGHT the zombies in self defence. You’ll get kicked out so fast you don’t even have a chance to scream “Up Yours!”
– When all else fails and zombie bitch won’t leave you alone, stop, put both hands in their face and yell, “You’re fucked!” It’s like the safe word or something. Works every time!

Wonderland is opened until the 1st of November. Halloween Haunt and rides are there for your enjoyment. Beware of the Behemoth; that thing ate me alive, crushed my ovaries, took my voice, and spit me out a changed person. You’ve been warned. xo mkr

some crazy large rollercoaster action!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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Windows of opportunity



Day 44 seems like the perfect day to pause. For 44 days straight, I have consistently been looking for an opportunity to face fears of mine. Nearly at the half way point, I seem to be running dry and am desperate to hear what scares you, what makes you cringe, what makes you anxious, what you’d rather avoid at all costs!

One thing this challenge has done is bring me out of my shell… For instance, today I walked by an idling car at the entrance of the local mall. Now although I love the earth dearly, even call myself green[1] I would never dream of calling someone out on their idling car[2]. Well there it was again, my moment of fear. I looked around to see whose car this was because let’s be real, who the fuck leaves their car alone these days while it’s running?! I spot the culprits – two old hags smoking out front of the mall.

“Is that your car?” I said just loud enough that the women took notice.

Looking a bit startled, they did take notice and after looking back from me to themselves a few times they put it together that my looking at them and saying something, did in fact mean I was addressing them.

‘Ya,’ one yells back at me with a puff of smoke.

I pretty much want to throw up all over them right now, much like they’re doing to the earth by leaving their car running while they smoke their cigarettes.

“You should probably turn your car off.”

Right about now I really am shitting my pants thinking good god, why did I open my mouth?! The women look at one another, I’m sure thinking, is this bitch serious?

‘Whadda mean I should turn off my car?” the one says as she throws her cigarette down and gets up off her bench.

Well at this point I’m actually trying not to laugh as it looks like she’s about to ‘get up in ma’ face’ but I managed to pull it together to respond.

“Well, your car really doesn’t need to be on while you’re sitting there,” I said with a smirk and a glance towards the car and then back to them.

Well, bitch lady who threw down the cigarette and I was sure wanted to throw down with me nearly smoked me on the way by to turn off her car. I don’t give a what, I mean lady turned off her car. Did something that scares me today? CHECK!

Would’ve been hilarious if this lady really did want to throw it down over some little girl telling her to turn her car off while she smokes. This entry probably would’ve been a lot cooler if she did! Clearly I’m coming out of my shell, one confrontation at a time.

So, I’m putting it to you: What scares you? What is it that puts you outside your comfort zone, stirs something inside you that screams don’t do it, when really it might be a window of opportunity for you to face a fear?!? Give it to me – no judgments, just a simple burst of gratitude will come your way.

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you! 

[1] Sorry that I’m not doing better David Suzuki… but today was my attempt.

[2] I do call my family out.

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Day seven – this “scary” biz is working – throwing caution to the wind!

In throwing caution to the wind you can really surprise yourself!!

WELL, today I signed up for a 10km ghost run or something ridiculous. HA! Yes, I would find the only run that is offered at night and has a Halloween theme to it!! Why wouldn’t you want to run in costume with a light attached to your forehead?! Okay, I’m not actually going in costume (as of now at least) but I’ll definitely be sporting that head gear. No shame. This 10km run is in preparation for the half marathon my friend Laine and I will be running shortly after.

So I hit the pavement this evening, first time in quite a while because I’ve been a lazy slob with every excuse possible for the past little while! Inspiration for this run is actually in thanks to my mum who left a leaflet on my bed about a 10km run being offered this morning- a hint?! Who knows, love her dearly and although too late to sign up for that one, I went and found another. Thanks mom! I do love running but to run a “race” is pretty fucking scary so of course I got my butt out there tonight. To be scared of working out is complete crap when I think about it… nothing but benefits and the funny thing is one of my fears is definitely becoming an overweight slob so I better kick this fear of working out in the ass in order to not allow that other fear of mine to come true!! You see, everything comes full circle.

Lordy, I’m growing to love this challenge. Jumping into a lot of things that are wicked fun and that test me. Pretty exciting not knowing what the next day holds but knowing I’ll be doing something that scares me!! I believe some serious reflection will be in order soon times. Quit being so quiet out there and share some of your fears with me!!

Now go face a fear; do something that scares you!

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