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Happy Birthday AliCat!

She’s a knockout! Yes, she’s stunning; stunning from the inside ¬†out, and she’s my best friend. Hilarious, talented, vivacious, brainy, and feisty – the girl’s got it all and I’m a lucky girl to be able to call her my older sister. I’m careful with my words and always want them to be just right, but this one stumps me… I love her to death – she’s amazing and I could sing her praises all day! She’s the girl that has forever shared her bed with me (even though I’m a squirmer), shares laughs with me I didn’t know possible, shares adventures with me all over the world, cries with me, promises to beat up anyone who hurts me, speaks French with me, and shares the most memories with me; she’s the best!

I wish nothing but the most beautiful 26th year to a beautiful woman!

Thank you for being you, Sissy!! Happiest of Birthdays!! xoxo

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