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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 21

Grateful for people’s understanding.

We all make mistakes. Thank you to those who understand and even those who don’t – it gives me thicker skin.


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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 20

I am grateful for quiet.

Ironically, I sit here trying to gather my thoughts as my ears are graced with the sound of my kid neighbour’s drumming. Happy Family Day to everyone! Buddy got a drum set for Christmas, and to be fair, there has been an improvement. My dream is that he soon comes to know the sweet sounds of jazz, because the solid 4 beat drumming that I’m sure sounds better with a band, is sort of becoming irritating.

Regardless, I came here to talk about stillness – not the little boy who lives behind me and his drumming career. After working 12 hours and wrapping my day up with a less than stellar staff meeting, I jumped on the bus to come home. It was cold. I was tired. The bus driver didn’t stop at my stop… The list goes on, and believe me, I was worn out without a smile in sight.

Hood up, I was trudging through the snow nearly home when all of a sudden I stopped. I looked around and noticed the stillness. I took my hood down so I could really hear the quiet. It was beautiful. I was alone and the only sound that kept me company was a quiet buzz of the street light in the distance.

I’m grateful that even when exhausted, I could stop and smile, stop and enjoy my surroundings, stop and find peace in the coldness.

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 18

I’m grateful for being busy.

Momentum is good and if that’s a good thing, I should be doing freaking fabulous!! Life can get hectic, life can be overwhelming, and we all get stressed out but that’s the thing… We’ve all got our stuff and we all get stressed out!!

One of my favourite quotes, “a healthy mind has an easy breath” is what carries me through. Having nothing to do would be awful! It’s nice to feel needed, it’s amazing I’m working so much, it’s a gift that I can do it all. Love your busy times as much as your down time – and if you can’t, surely you will savor those quiet times that much more. The busyness makes everything that much sweeter.

I’m grateful for a full calendar and a full life.

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 16

I’m grateful for the yin and yang of life.

I struggle so much with my Gemini-infused ways that I often feel like I’m so wildly all over the place, that I’ll never get anywhere. Then… for a quiet moment, I realize life is wild and crazy but also precious, serene and peaceful but also agro, full of contradictions, filled with yin and yang. Suppose us Geminis have it more figured out than the rest of you??? I don’t know about that, but I do know that we are all outrageously fragmented and to learn to love all of us, to learn to embrace what is innately disconnected – that is human nature and that is where we are meant to be.

Yin and Yang – it’s there for us, so take it! Take all of it!!


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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 15

I’m grateful for frank conversations.

Do you ever wonder how often the truth is diluted; whether it be to spare feelings, get what one wants, embarrassment, to make things “easier”, or simply because it’s too difficult to communicate our true feelings, I think it would be safe to say the truth often becomes a distilled version of itself. On rare occasion do I find people to be frank. Funnily enough, we’re quick to think others are rude or unkind if they speak truths. Of course there are nicer ways than other to deliver messages but now we veer into semantics in trying to find some semblance of what truth really even means.

Perhaps due to its rarity, or simply because it’s often what you need to hear most, I appreciate frank conversations. I’m grateful for the people who bellow into my life and offer some frank, straight to the point, hit you where it hurts, truth. And it is more often than not, the people who bellow into my life above those who drift in!

Able to argue any side of an argument, finding a balance is often difficult for me, and what’s even more difficult is truly deciding where I stand. I want truth. I want frankness. I want love. I want kindness. There must be a way these can all magically work together in perfect alignment. There must!

Simply put, I think truthfulness comes from your heart and so long as you’re speaking in frank form and from a place of grace – you’re safe from those murky waters of distilled truths.

Thank you for your honesty.

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 14

I am grateful for hopeless romantics.

Please allow me to explain. I feel like I’m forcing each finger to tap down on my keyboard as I write this post, but I shall go on! Today, is -gasp- Valentine’s Day. I honestly thought that I would be able to go through the entire day without even acknowledging this God forsaken day of “love”. More that whole Hallmark gluttonous holiday type stuff than anything – God, it’s horrifying!

Anyways, because the world makes it fucking impossible to ignore this day and I received far too many “Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful” texts before I even got out of bed this morning (mostly because I’m nursing a broken heart and I know my friends are worried what with me already hating today and then this beauty for a topper, they should send some extra love), I went ahead and a) deleted those texts and b) decided that I would do my own version of February 14th! *I’m very sorry that I did not return anyone’s love texts… I’m not going as far as sending Valentine texts BUT I did show the world some love today.

Feeling all shitty today that the man I gave my heart to thought it’d be better smashed in a million pieces, and about to burst out crying when stopped at a red light (I know, it’s not pretty!!!), I realized feeling shitty for yourself doesn’t help anything! I know enough to know that doing some good and showing some love always makes you feel better. I went to treat myself to some Tim Horton’s and thought I’d pay for the person behind me in the drive through (OF COURSE buddy was buying for his whole fucking work force). I’m kidding… it was actually better that way. Random acts of kindness are awesome. BAM! Instant high for showing the world some unexpected love.

That’s the kind of love I’m looking for – unexpected love that just happens. Love that is simple. Although I’m this weird amalgamation of seemingly everything and nothing (I’m sorry if I ever have a child under the sign of the Gemini… it’s not easy!!), even in this case, I’m an optimistic pessimist that finds a bit of joy in those hopeless romantics. I’m not one, far from, but I do catch myself in fleeting moments wondering what it must be like up in the head of one of those – dreaming of rose petals and happily ever afters. Might be nice for a second or two.

Happy Day of Showing the Universe Some Unexpected Love. Do it everyday though – it’s so much better!!

p.s. Started my day with the intent to ignore this holiday all together, to this… #epicfail

Love you all! ♥

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 13

I am grateful for family time.

This is one thing I can honestly say I am not always the most grateful for… family time. It’s tough to always love these people that love you so much and only want the best for you no matter how much their truths hurt. See, that’s the thing about family… Boundaries – non existent. Censors – forget it. Surface exchanges – very rare. They’re blood, so they’re around whether you like it or not and sometimes family exercise this measure!

Every family dynamic is different, not a single one the same, but I have to admit, I have it pretty freaking good. My family is unbelievable and they always have my back 110% – in fact, all of us have one another’s back and that’s an amazing thing. We work together through thick and thin and come hell or high water, whatever project needs doing, whatever bill needs to be paid, whatever crisis needs handling, it always gets done… together.

I’m thankful for the unexpected family times and family times that are booked months in advanced. I’m thankful for all our moments together – even if we’re cranky. So long as it’s truthful, I’m loving being there. It might not always be there in the same capacity as this very moment, so enjoy each moment.

Love you guys, so thanks for being you.

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 12

I am grateful for nights out in Toronto.

I love where I live. One of my favourite things and one that I am so grateful for, are nights when I’m heading into the city for a night out on the town with some of the best girlfriends one could ask for. Driving in to be greeted by this skyline makes me beyond happy. There’s something so awesome about the lights and familiarity of this city that makes my heart swell every time I’m flying in on the Gardiner Expressway or the good old GoTrain.

Until next time, Toronto.

p.s. I love you Drake Hotel… You never let me down!!

Thank you for the lovely night out ladies; one to let all inhibitions go and leave the work at work! xo

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28 Days with a Grateful Heart ♥ Day 10

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Seems for me, my head needs to be completely cleared from the everyday stresses, the perfect cup of herbal tea needs to be sipped, oh and the stars have to be in perfect alignment. Thank your lucky stars if sleep is a non issue for you.

Sleep restores us. Sleep grants us a healthy body, a healthy heart, and more love! It’s sleep that rejuvenates us and prepares us for the days ahead.

I’m an up in my head kinda girl. It’s difficult for me to quiet my thoughts when given that quiet alone time with my pillow. In fact, that time for rest often seems like the loudest part of my day. Learning to let go of it all and quiet my thoughts is coming – coming with time.

I’m still thankful for my restless night because it makes me that much more thankful for my far and few between restful stars all aligned kinda sleeps!

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